Rainwater Tanks

Rainwater tanks

For all your rainwater tank installation needs and advice, look no further than Add Plumbing. We strictly follow Perth’s water guidelines when it comes to rainwater tanks, and only install the highest quality tanks.

Not only do rainwater tanks help to take the pressure off our limited water resources, but they can also save you hundreds of dollars a year on your water bills since you’re using recycled rainwater. The stored rainwater can be used for flushing toilets, watering gardens, washing cars and even for washing machines.

Contact Add Plumbing for more details on rainwater tanks and the potential rebates available.

How do rainwater tanks work?

Rainwater tanks store rainwater run-off from catchment areas like your roof.

In most cases, the water from your roof is funnelled along your gutters and into downpipes connected to your tank. If you are going to install a rainwater tank, alterations to your guttering may be required.

To get the best out of your rainwater tank, it’s important to install appropriate screens to stop debris and insects from entering the tank.

Let an Add Plumbing technician advise you on the most suitable installation for your home.

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